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Dynamic Duos in Classic Film: Farley Granger and Robert Walker — Strangers on a Train

I’ll admit that I’m more than a touch obsessed with Farley Granger and Robert Walker and their career-defining performances in the criss-cross carnival caper Strangers on a Train. It’s far and away favorite Hitchcock picture, and in my expert opinion one of the most satisfying character studies ever filmed. Farley and Bob, two semiforgotten players […]

Some Thoughts on an Idiot and His Breakthrough Performance: Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

I know that Jimmy Stewart is a pile of dimes next to the hundred-dollar bills most people pull out when they want to talk about the Great Institutions of American Cinema, but those legends are built upon wailing histrionics and an unmitigated contempt that critics, in their yearning for validation for the cultural norms that both […]